how to order

1:Making reservation​

Reservation is required for ordering and measurements.
Please make contact us for booking.
This will take around 2 hours.

tel : +81-3-5228-6528
mail :



We will counseling for your inquiry with measuring and fitting.
Our bespoke shoes is made to be suit with client’s fashion style or foot problems.



We have 4 types of ordering system.

Ready-made shoes
You also buy the ready-made shoes in the atelier.
All Shoes are one-of-a-kind item, so variety of colour and size are not be well prepared.
Shoes : 40,000~
Delivery term : same day

Color & size order
Ordering for different color or size from the fitting shoes in the atelier.
Shoes : 40,000~, Wooden model : free, Customize : 20,000~
Delivery term : 3months

Easy order
This system for clients who has small amendment of wooden model and paper pattern from the last order.
Shoes : 40,000~, Wooden model : 80,000~
Delivery term : 3months

Full custom-made
This system is for who has many adjusting points of wooden model and paper pattern.
Moreover, we will do fitting in order to check wether it fits or requires to adjust again.
Shoes : 40,000~, Wooden model : 80,000~, Fitting: 30,000~
Delivery term : 6months





We will do the last adjustment for the comfortableness of shoes at the delivery day,
for crafting the best shoes for client’s foot. 


5:Repair & adjust

We are always welcome repair and adjust.
Changing the rubber sole, rubber of high-heel, colouring, repairing scratch and crumple, or moreover.
Please make contact us from email or telephone.