After the MICAM exhibition 2019 S/S

I had a lot of valuable experience during MICAM, the exhibition of shoes in Milan 9/16-19.

Normally, my shoes are used by Italian leather mainly.

Furthermore, I exhibit 12 collections of shoes with using the material and elements of Japanese technology and traditional manufacturing.

Such as Himeji Black leather that put Urushi (漆) on the surface textured natural calf, tie-dyed deer leather from Kyoto, Tatsumura textile (art textile from Kyoto), Urushi or mother‐of‐pearl worked heel.


This time, I tried to seek and find the possibility and significance of making shoes in Japan,

with my shoes that made within Japanese traditional manufacturing and functional for foot comfortableness at this exhibition in Italy.

After this exhibition, I got a little confident about my works that made each by each for clients in order to put my shoes with comfortable and fashionable, because of people respected and empath Belpasso shoes.


I am planning another exhibition of shoes I brought MICAM in early December at atelier.

I will announce soon or later.

Hope as many people as visit the exhibition and try my works on.



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