Italian fashion magazine “WeAr”

Belpasso (Kyoko Sasage) shoes were featured in Italian art and fashion magazine “WeAr(Issue 57)”.

I am honored to have it posted next to Robert Clergerie.

This shoe is a short boot of cherry blossoms made of deer leather processed using traditional itajime-shibori.

This leather imaged cherry blossoms, and we got dyed in Kyoto.
The cherry color line is an interesting texture, depending on the location of the leather, it is thin and spread like an ink painting.
The heel is an original design with a tree motif, it is a lacquerd heel.


Currently at the atelier, we are making shoes and preparing for exhibitions at Italian shoes exhibition MICAM which will be held from 10th to 13th February.

We will also report the situation of the exhibition.

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